Carrossier ProColor La Baie Receives Top Honors from the Clé Verte Program!

February 7, 2019

The Carrossier ProColor network, a member of CSN Collision Centres, the largest network of collision repair facilities in Canada, is pleased to announce the Clé Verte Platinum certification of Carrossier ProColor La Baie. 

“Cleanliness, safety, and the environment are aspects that we chose to motivate us to achieve the Platinum certification level of the Clé Verte program,” says Mr. Jean-Claude Morin, owner of Carrossier ProColor La Baie.

Indeed, the Clé Verte program is based on implementing good environmental practices on a daily basis since the automotive sector is a very big source of pollution.

That’s why their employees were involved in their certification process: “Our employees were made aware of the benefits of the program to provide them with a better work environment for their health,” says Jean-Claude Morin.

Several investments and renovations were undertaken by Mr. Morin to obtain Platinum certification. The purchase of new equipment and the planning of new specific arrangements related to the Clé Verte program were also made.

Although the workshop meets the environmental standards of the Clé Verte program, Jean-Claude Morin is planning other improvements in the near future: “Our goal now that we are certified Platinum is that we always want to be at the forefront of change!” He says.

Mr. Morin has some advice for collision centres that want to join the Clé Verte program: “Let’s work together so that our industry is recognized as an environmentally friendly industry.”

“I want to congratulate the Carrossier ProColor La Baie collision centre. Thanks to their involvement, as well as that of all our certified workshops, the Carrossier ProColor network proudly contributes to the preservation of the environment by reducing its ecological footprint” concludes Sylvain Dufault, General Manager of the Carrossier ProColor network.

Regarding the Clé Verte Program

Developed and managed by Nature-Action Québec, with the participation of the «Table deconcertation sur l’environnement et les véhicules routiers » and the Government of Quebec, Clé Verte is a voluntary environmental certification program providing automotive service centres with the opportunity to obtain recognition and beneficiation for the environmental methods they adopted. The Clé Verte certification is a golden opportunity for a collision centre to demonstrate its commitment towards the environment while improving its environmental management, and ensuring its uniformity and consistency.

About Carrossier ProColor

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