Carrossier ProColor Lachute Earns Clé Verte Platinum Certification

October 13, 2017

The Carrossier ProColor network, a member of CSN Collision Centres, the largest network of collision repair facilities in Canada, is pleased to announce that Carrossier ProColor Lachute is certified Platinum of the Clé Verte program since May 28th.

Following on from their two consecutive Gold certifications, several steps have been taken to become certified at the highest level of the Clé Verte program: “We invested in equipment to set up the workshop according to the standards of Clé Verte with a waste sorting center composed of barrels and containers for hazardous materials, ” says Sylvie Lalonde, owner of Carrossier ProColor Lachute.

Their employees were also involved in the process by changing their work habits: “We informed all employees about the new Clé Verte program procedures and the importance of respecting them in order to have the safest and healthiest environment possible ” mentions Mrs. Lalonde.

The Importance of the Clé Verte Program

The Clé Verte program applies a globally recognized standardization process. An auditor ensures that the repair centre meets six major criteria that affect residual materials, the application processes and equipment.

The implementation of the Clé Verte program thus proves to be a health protection for the collison centre workers and the surrounding citizens. Carrossier ProColore Lachute has clearly understood this: “Our motivation to stay with the Clé Verte program has always been the preservation of the environment and the health of our employees, which are very dear to us”.

Efforts to ensure the sound management of hazardous materials are easy to implement. According to Sylvie Lalonde, it’s about raising awareness among all employees: “Employee involvement and accountability are the keys to success”.

Carrossier ProColor Lachute is located at 1070, rue Principale in Lachute.

About the Clé Verte Program
Developed and managed by Nature-Action Québec, with the participation of the Table de concertation sur l’environnement et les véhicules routiers, and the Government of Quebec, Clé Verte is a voluntary environmental certification program providing automotive service centres with the opportunity to obtain recognition and beneficiation for the environmental methods they adopted. The Clé Verte certification is a golden opportunity for a collision centre to demonstrate its commitment towards the environment while improving its environmental management, and ensuring its uniformity and consistency.

About Carrossier ProColor
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