Carrossier ProColor Sainte-Julie Reaches Platinum Level of Clé Verte Certification

May 29, 2018


The Carrossier ProColor network, a member of CSN Collision Centres, the largest network of collision repair facilities in Canada, is pleased to announce that Carrossier ProColor Sainte-Julie is now certified at the Platinum level of the Clé Verte program.

Since purchasing the collision centre in 2013, Réjean Marchand and his team have brought Carrossier ProColor Sainte-Julie to new level by becoming actively involved in the Clé Verte certification process: “When we bought in 2013, the body shop was certified at the Silver level. Two years later, we were recertified and upgraded to the Gold level. And recently, we have reached the Platinum level,” Mr. Marchand, owner of Carrossier ProColor Sainte-Julie, says proudly.

The primary motivation to attain the Platinum certification of the Clé Verte program for a repair shop is to create a healthier environment for employees and citizens of the surrounding area. For Réjean Marchand, the Clé Verte program provided a sense of belonging to a team project, a unifying objective: “The impact on the environment and the desire to be part of the ecological shift have pushed us to become certified at the Platinum level,” says Mr. Marchand.

Indeed, the Clé Verte certification is the preferred option in Quebec to allow automotive repair shops to go green. For Carrossier ProColor Sainte-Julie, they decided to make daily gestures that have a great impact: “We now have a closed storage space for products to be recycled and we have invested in a ventilated preparation area,” says Réjean Marchand.

In a repair shop, the handling of hazardous materials occurs daily for employees. These materials can not only have a negative impact on the environment, but also on their own health. “Our employees have been involved from the beginning and made aware of the impact that their actions can have on their health,” says Réjean Marchand.

While these actions are a big step towards environmental preservation, Marchand hopes the process will be pushed further by organisations: “We are hoping for improvements in recycling, because unfortunately not all car parts can be recycled for now. ”

To conclude, Réjean Marchand has some advice for collision centres that would like to start the Clé Verte program: “It is not very difficult to be certified Clé Verte; it takes the will and a little investment. It is important to understand that the approach has an impact on our planet.”

Carrossier ProColor Sainte-Julie is located at 1095, Principale Street, Local B, in Sainte-Julie.

About the Clé Verte Program

Developed and managed by Nature-Action Québec, with the participation of the «Table de concertation sur l’environnement et les véhicules routiers » and the Government of Quebec, Clé Verte is a voluntary environmental certification program providing automotive service centres with the opportunity to obtain recognition and beneficiation for the environmental methods they adopted. The Clé Verte certification is a golden opportunity for a collision centre to demonstrate its commitment towards the environment while improving its environmental management, and ensuring its uniformity and consistency.

About Carrossier ProColor

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