The Coupe Espoir Canada Carrossier ProColor Renewed Until 2020!

June 13, 2018


The Carrossier ProColor network, a member of CSN Collision Centres, the largest network of collision repair facilities in Canada, is proud to continue its partnership until 2020 with the directors of the Traversée internationale du lac Saint-Jean, Traversée internationale Lac en fête de Mégantic, Marathon Lac-à-Jim, club de natation BLUE Machine, the open water provincial championships and the Quebec Swimming Federation (FNQ) to present the Coupe Espoir Canada Carrossier ProColor.

“It’s with great pleasure that we reiterate our partnership with this event for the next three years. We are delighted to contribute to the development of our national open water succession, “said Sylvain Dufault, General Manager of the Carrossier ProColor network.

For the past 4 years, the Coupe Espoir Canada Carrossier ProColor has offered young swimmers the opportunity to achieve long-distance races with conditions similar to those of the International Swimming Federation (FINA). The purpose of this circuit is to encourage the emergence of a new generation of Canadians in open water for international competitions.

The 2018 edition of the Coupe Espoir Canada Carrossier ProColor will feature five open water events. The competition, which is open to women and men aged 14 to 19, will start on Saturday, June 23 in Montreal (2 km) and will continue Monday, July 9 in Shawinigan (5 km). It will move to Lac-à-Jim on Saturday, July 14 (5 km), will carry on Friday, July 27 at Lac St-Jean (10 km) and will come to an end Friday, August 10 at Lac Mégantic (7 km).

At the end of each event, the athletes who have finished in the regulatory time will be classified according to the points accumulated. They must have completed at least three events to be eligible to receive a scholarship. At the end of the season, prices totaling $ 6,400, including $5,000 offered by Carrossier ProColor and $1,400 offered by the Quebec Swimming Federation, will be awarded to swimmers according to their position in the standings. The medalists will be present at the Quebec Swimming Federation gala scheduled in Shawinigan on Saturday, September 22, 2018, to receive their scholarship and medal.

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