Environmental Mission

As of the Government of Quebec measures, some of Carrossier ProColor shops are currently closed or their working hours have been changed. We recommend calling before going to a shop. Thank you for your understanding.
Important Guidance for COVID-19


Aware of the impact the automotive industry has on the environment, Carrossier ProColor spares no effort to reduce its environmental footprint. Be it the recycling and recovery of raw materials or the reduction of CO2 emissions, Carrossier ProColor ensures that all their locations meet the highest environmental standards. Sustainable development is an integral part of our corporate culture and our Code of Ethics.


Carrossier ProColor is proud to have been one of the first networks to completely convert to the use of  water-soluble paint. Following the adoption of the Law on the protection of the environment on the reduction of volatile organic compounds (VOCs), Carrossier ProColor provided quick and effective support to all their collision repair centres in order to ensure that the entire network uses only water-soluble paint.


Among its many efforts to protect the environment, Carrossier ProColor also supports members of their network in obtaining their Green Wrench (Clé Verte) certification. This independent organism put together a specialized environmental management program intended for automotive repair shops. The certification criteria includes proper management of:

  • Hazardous material residues;
  • Non-hazardous material residues;
  • Consumer waste;
  • Equipment and procedures;
  • A communications program to educate employees.

For more information on the Green Wrench program or to consult the complete list of certified automotive repair facilities, visit http://www.cleverte.org. You can also watch the short video presentation below. Please note that this website as well as the video are available in French only.