Insurance Claims

As of the Government of Quebec measures, some of Carrossier ProColor shops are currently closed or their working hours have been changed. We recommend calling before going to a shop. Thank you for your understanding.
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When you bring your vehicle to a Carrossier ProColor collision repair centre, you will be free of all the headaches associated with managing your insurance claim. Our rigorous customer service standards, the quality of our work and our respect of delivery dates ensure that we meet the standards of excellence required by your insurance company.


Let us handle all the paperwork and details with your insurer to facilitate your claim settlement. Over the years Carrossier ProColor has developed an enviable reputation among insurance companies, thus allowing us to accelerate the settlement process while you go about your business with peace of mind!


It’s a Question of trust…

Carrossier ProColor franchisees are professionals and undertake to repair your vehicle according to the best practices in the industry. One of these practices concerns the deductible, which is the amount that you are responsible for paying when we deliver your vehicle.

The deductible is part of the cost of repairs that has been established to return your vehicle to its pre-accident condition, as stipulated in you insurance policy. It is the amount that you have agreed to pay in order to keep your premium at a reasonable level: the higher your deductible, the lower your premium.

However, what happens if your collision repair centre does not charge you for this amount?
…would some damages be neglected or not fixed?
…would the collision repair centre have to pay for it?
…would the collision repair centre absorb the cost and charge it to another customer?
…would this therefore mean that you could be paying for others?

Now you know! As a conscientious business, your Carrossier ProColor collision centre will systematically invoice you the amount of the deductible that you agreed upon with your insurer.