Quality Commitment

As of the Government of Quebec measures, some of Carrossier ProColor shops are currently closed or their working hours have been changed. We recommend calling before going to a shop. Thank you for your understanding.
Important Guidance for COVID-19


Constantly striving to surpass itself, the Carrossier ProColor network developed a performance management analysis system which has been implemented in all of its collision repair facilities. Managed by analysts at Carrossier ProColor headquarters, this system provides us with important data on key performance indicators such as the average cost of repair and delivery times. This information allows us to offer our customers the most rigorous and competitive quality control on the market.


To ensure that all our collision repair centres respect the highest industry standards and procedures, we apply three main quality-control strategies:

  • Our Operations managers visit all collision repair centres regularly
  • Performance indicators are always measured and managed by Carrossier ProColor’s headquarters
  • During the days following the repair, our customers are contacted by telephone to complete a satisfaction survey.

These three strategies enable Carrossier ProColor to guarantee the highest level of service to all its customers and to respond quickly to any problems that may occur.