Who We Are


Carrossier ProColor’s mission is to be the collision repair leader in Canada by offering an outsanding customer experience across its vast network of state-of-the-art facilities.


In 2001, the network was launched under the name of ProColor Prestige and counted 38 collision repair centres. Between 2001 and 2008, the concern for quality repairs, meticulous customer service and a relationship of trust with insurance companies allowed ProColor Prestige to gain a well-established reputation and reach 97 collision centres determined to become the role models of the industry.

In 2008, the network initiated a major technological shift by collecting and measuring its collision repair centres’ performance indicators to meet the needs of insurance companies. The success of this initiative speaks for itself; by 2010, the network had expanded to 130 locations and enjoyed a reputable status among insurance companies and the general public.

During this same year, ProColor Prestige decided to renew its brand to better reflect its technological nature and its position as industry leader. The grand unveiling took place at their annual convention and was very well received by the entire network. The new Carrossier ProColor brand, accompanied by an extensive advertising campaign (billboards, TV, radio) and a new website revealed to the public at large the image that we know today.

Since 2012, the Carrossier ProColor network is a proud member of CSN Collision Centres, the largest network of collision repair shops in the country with over 345 locations. For more information, visit www.csninc.ca.